Summer Enrichment Programs

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Our “GFG” Enrichment Program, is an eight week therapeutic and academic summer experience
targeting skill development and emotional support for children and adolescents who suffer from
social, behavioral and emotional challenges. Created to provide a safe, structured and supportive
environment, we customize our program to help youth learn the skills necessary to control their
behavior, manage their emotions, improve socialization with peers and boost their learning
experience, all while having fun.

Our program is geared toward youth ages 5 – 13
and runs Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with lunch provided daily for each youth participant.

The focal point of our curriculum is self-regulation and favorable behavior regulation, with an
emphasis on respect, kindness and building positive relationships. Guided by licensed teachers, our
youth will be encouraged to practice Social Emotional Learning techniques while exploring innovative
academic instruction in Science, Creative Writing and Math. The SEL component infused
with the Nurtured Heart Approach® will help to foster relationships among youth, staff and
families involved; by building inner wealth and creating healthy connections.