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Intensive In-Community Therapy

Through the NJ Division of Children's System Of Care, CSOC, we offer comprehensive clinical interventions for children and families experiencing social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. We are committed to implementing customized, goal oriented solutions and techniques to reach optimal success. Our licensed and certified staff provide therapeutic services within the home or family approved community-based environment, while maintaining confidentiality.

  • Intensive In-Community Clinicians
  • Behavioral Assistants
  • Parent Coaches
  • Mentors

Programs & Workshops We Offer

  • Therapeutic Summer Enrichment Program
  • Seasonal Saturday Enrichment Programs
  • ‘GFG Puzzle Pieces’ Saturday Recreation
  • Specialty Groups: GFG PRIDE, GFG Inter-ACT & GFG Real World Life Skills
  • Nurtured Heart Approach Workshops
  • Tutoring Services
  • & More
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Law Enforcement Counseling

Our treatment modalities are geared toward post-traumatic stress disorder or simply someone to "talk to or listen".

Court Ordered Supervision

We interface with court systems in New Jersey by serving those who may need to be placed on a plan that demonstrates the ability to adhere to social norms. Our services are directed to satisfy the justice system instead of adverse action.

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Youth & Aged Adults

Our team aids those who need help in adjusting to various life circumstances. Unsure if you, your child or loved one is in need of services? Our clinicians come to your residence or a setting in which you feel comfortable to conduct an assessment. Upon completion they will discuss how we can assist you in moving forward. Our consultation process is confidential and discreet. 

Modes Of Payment

Generations Family Guidance accepts Medicare, Medicaid and other private insurance. We also accept direct payments from those individuals who are not insured or prefer to pay directly.